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Electric Kiln Ceramics, 4th Edition

CA144_Electric-Kiln-Ceramics-_300T     An Owners Manual for your studio!   The electric kiln has helped to open the doors of the ceramic world to more and more people due to its convenience, ease of use, and economical benefits, and this new edition of Electric Kiln Ceramics is a must-read for anyone firing electric kilns. With the… View Article

Designing for Function with Paul Donnelly

Donnelly_Cover_300T   In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, Paul Donnelly shares his varied techniques for making pottery that functions well both aesthetically and in use. Using his tea trays – a cup and saucer set with an expanded tray for a snack or a spoon – as examples, Paul demonstrates how… View Article

Cone 5–6 Glazes: Materials and Recipes


Back by popular demand!

(with a whole new look!)

The first printing of Cone 5–6 Glazes: Materials & Recipes sold out quickly, but we’re happy to announce that it is back in print in a beautiful new format. This best seller brings together some of the top glaze experts in ceramics to provide you with all the information you need to create successful glazes for your pots.

Simply Ornate: Handbuilding & Wheel Throwing with Press Molds

Clemo_VideoCover_300T     In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, A. Blair Clemo shares his unconventional pottery making techniques, which combine handbuilding, press molding, and wheel throwing. The building blocks of Blair’s work are two different types of plaster press molds: first a decorative mold that yields an ornamental patty or strip… View Article

Darted & Decorated: Techniques for Enhancing Form and Surface


In this video, Jennifer Allen demonstrates her primary method of altering clay forms by demonstrating her single-pointed and double-pointed darting techniques on thrown pieces. For each project, she also shares her decorating techniques all the way through her glazing process.

Glazing Techniques


In Glazing Techniques you’ll discover how dozens of talented artists approach glazing using a variety of techniques, materials and firing ranges to achieve stunning surfaces that are sure to inspire your work. This book provides step-by-step details on materials, preparing your work, resists, layering, lusters, underglazes, majolica, china paint, stencils, spraying, pouring, and more.